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Commission Time

You want it I draw it. Character, plushie, plushified character, simple story scene illustration, something you don’t want to request in person at a con… Pretty much everything except NSFW.

  • $20 8x10 - sketches, one or two characters, simple props & backgrounds.


  • $40 ^ that colored, please specify pencils or digital.


If you want more characters or something more detailed message me about (will take a little more time)
You’ll receive a high-res digital file (.jpg or .png).
Payment up front through PayPal or cash if we run into each other (still need payment before I start).

send me an ask,or email (or however we normally converse).

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The Faces of Dough and Bow

These have been sitting in a semi-hibernating state in my sketchbook for around 2 months. Making a huge ruckus when not hibernating. Also causing a captain to go flipping through to sneak photos of these elusive baby daemons :9 I’m really tempted to make some of the Bow ones into stickers and T-Shirts…. Anyway, will get to Scotch & Pretzel soon. Then their anthro forms which have been materializing slowly.

For now these are prints on Redbubble and Society6.

P.S. Yes, Bow can hover without the hovercraft, which begs the question - Why does he even have a hovercraft?

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Quick Update

The last few weeks have been busy busy busy with work picking up again, birthdays, dancing, monkey wrenches, general fangirling, holiday and Anime Expo. So I haven’t gotten to share much finished work (or even finish it hurhurhur).

Some little fuzzy daemons will be materializing shortly as well as another illustration I’m pretty proud of.

Sorry I’d mentioned commissions a few weeks ago but didn’t open them due to above stated busy busy suddenly happening, but I will open them this weekend. I’m also going to have a couple art pieces up for sale.

Oh and Society6 has Free Shipping on all orders worldwide & $5 off the new Biker Tank until midnight Sunday 7/13 with that link there. Check other artists you like to see if they got a promo code you can use as well ;)

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The Dog Tag Tales: Maxwell Finds a Friend


Hey guys, Kickstarter time! This is the next children’s book I’m illustrating, called The Dog Tag Tales. It’s about the friendship between a veteran and a puppy that will help young children understand a bit of PTSD and what their mom or dad might be going through when they return from war. 

I’ve been working closely with the author Caitlin to understand what her and many other families go through when a loved one experiences these traumatic events, and it’s been a touching experience. I can easily say I’m very proud to be a part of this project. I encourage you to watch the two videos and if can, donate to their book!

And yes, I will be spamming this kickstarter on my blog throughout the month! Spam it, reblog it, get the word out! :D

Worthy cause People, worthy cause.

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tewateroniakwa replied to your post: Life Drawing 6/24/14 You might have se…

I miss life drawing sessions. I feel like a creeper if I go sketch in public.

I like the life drawing because I can see how the limbs and joints and everything fit together and move which is something I get hung up on when i’m drawing a character out of my head even though I’m putting clothes over them.

Drawing in public… I’ve found it’s easier in public places with lots of people moving through or with something that occupies their attention like watching a street musician. Someplace where even though there are a large number of people they’re spread out and you’re not crowded in. In that case most people you are sketching will not notice you, although others passing close by may stop and look. The sketches I do in those locations are mostly loose gesture drawings that are not recognizable later. I focus on the movement and pose, not features or details, especially when it’s kids so it’s done quickly and I don’t worry any parents. On the occasion a person I was sketching noticed and came to look there was nothing to be upset over.

So far I’ve not been chased out of any public space with pitchforks :D

p.s. I’ve also been planning to go to a museum and to try ‘fake life drawing’ with human sculptures - their poses don’t shift slightly while drawing, they never ask for breaks and you can do the same long pose from different angles :3

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Life Drawing 6/24/14
You might have seen on my Instagram earlier this week - found a studio with open sessions reasonably close by. Been a long time, these were my best of the night. Third one is my fav even though it’s on a little crappy newsprint sheet. Fourth one was a 10 minute pose.
Definitely returning.

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