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Rapunzel’s Tower WIP

As promised here are the WIP photos I took while working on Rapunzel’s Tower. Sorry the OttLite was harsher than I thought for photos… Anyway a process summary would be:

  1. Sketch with a Terra Cotta Col-Erase (forgot to take a photo of just the sketch before starting to color oops), blocked in the greenery shapes and shadows with marker, started blocking in the mountains with marker.
  2. Continued blocking in the mountains with marker, rough shadowing of the mountains with marker.
  3. Block in the grass and far away greenery with marker.
  4. Started highlighting the foreground greenery with colored pencils.
  5. Blocked in the river and waterfall with marker, blocked in the tower with marker. Started shading the tower with marker. Started making the waterfall mist over the mountain to the right with colored pencil. Deepened the shadows in the foreground with colored pencil.
  6. Really got to highlighting the features on the right mountain and shading the farthest left mountain with colored pencil.
  7. Started outlining some of the tower bricks with a fine brown marker. Started adding shadows to the left and center mountain with pencils. Then I used masking fluid to isolate the sky (sorry forgot to take photos of part) and used pastels to color the sky smoothly and evenly. Then -I WASN’T CAREFUL ENOUGH WHEN PEELING THE MASKING FLUID OFF AND IT RIPPED THE PAPER I AM DOOMED.
  8. THE HORROR OH GAWD THE HORROR …. ……. Naaaah I just used some Mod Podge and a Q-tip to paste the ripped bit back down. Fortunately the rip was just one solid piece and still attached so it was pretty easy to roll and press back down. Very light on the glue so excess didn’t squeeze out around the edges and make it obvious.
  9. Made the streaky shadow cast by the rising sun hitting the tower with colored pencil. Also some color added to the sky with colored pencil. More waterfall mist and mountain shadows with colored pencil.
  10. Added details to the tower with a fine brown marker (black would have been too harsh a contrast since nothing else is outlined). Highlighted some details with some white… ink… painty… stuff… and a brush. It might be gouache but I’m not sure because the label is in Japanese.
  11. last touch up to brickwork with the brown marker. Added some flowers to the tower with paint markers and a toothpick (they don’t show up well in this photo). Then sprayed it over with a fixative so the pastels won’t smear, unfortunately I was a cheapskate and used very old fixative instead of buying some fresh. It didn’t cover evenly and left speckles all over the drawing. BUT I actually like the aged effect it created for this!
  12. The final piece scanned into Photoshop.

Okay that’s that. Laters.

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Uzer’s Commissions


Hey y’all! 

This is Uzer from thisuzerwillselfdestruct & zombiescakeandsteam with an opportunity for all you people. 

It is my (possible) final year in college! Unfortunately due to multiple circumstances, my family and I are really tight on money. This being said, I need any sort of cash flow to pay off my tuition. My parents can no longer be the primary source of income to make the deposits and it’s up to  me to pay the majority out of my own pocket.

Granted I will be working at actual jobs, but hey any means of earning some extra green, right?

So, here’s what I have to offer ((Prices in USD)):

Read More

Eeeeeey Uzer has a fun style and very reasonable rates in you’re looking to expand your art collection…

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Landing Practice
"Alright now splay y’pinkie struts back so y’feet come down sooner!" "Like this?!" "Yes! Very good little one, you’re gon’ to be capable on th’wing when you’re gro- ey mind yer club-! OHF!"
Tare’s a generation older than Thack and ended up playing a major role in his development…

Landing Practice

"Alright now splay y’pinkie struts back so y’feet come down sooner!" "Like this?!" "Yes! Very good little one, you’re gon’ to be capable on th’wing when you’re gro- ey mind yer club-! OHF!"

Tare’s a generation older than Thack and ended up playing a major role in his development…

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Meet the Hero Designer Who Publicly Shamed Showtime for Asking Him to Work for Free



When Showtime invited Dan Cassaro to join a design “contest” he felt amounted to milking professionals for free work, he let the network—and the world—know how he felt about it.

The offer, made to a number of designers, involved promoting the Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana boxing match on Sept. 13. Those who submitted designs for Showtime’s use “could be eligible for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas and have your artwork displayed in the MGM Grand during fight week!,” the network told Cassaro in an email.

After sending an email response slathered in sarcasm (“I know that boxing matches in Las Vegas are extremely low-budget affairs”), Cassaro then posted the exchange to Twitter.

(via the-guardian-of-fun)

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Human!Mals and Human!Thacky

Thacky was done more than a year ago (pls don’t mind the old watermark) and I just did Mals. Long story short - headcanons are that that plush Thacky & Mals belong to a little dorhare named Bastian who loved them so much they got souls. And now occasionally decide to pop into humanish form. Of course the most important thing to do upon popping into a living form is to make sure your tail survived the transformation. I imagine Thea helped paint Mals’ shirt emblem. 

The real-life Mals & Thacky belong to @mishy-belle

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I should be finished with that Hattice piece I’ve been working on but… Something is wrong and I don’t feel like it’s right. Dunno if I should crop it to make it less busy, or just start again from scratch.


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